INMA FERRER is the manager of the City of London Information Centre opposite St Paul’s Cathedral. The centre’s seven staff speak 11 languages. www.visitthecity.co.uk

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Tourism Manager

What is the average day like?
We open at 9.30am from Monday to Saturday (and 10am on Sundays), but we are here about 30mins earlier to make sure all the brochures and leaflets are in stock on the shelves. Often customers are waiting outside when we open. Some people just want leaflets but many want some help, asking questions. There is a whole range, from help with finding the Millennium Bridge, around the corner, to very complicated ones from people working in the area who have very specific, detailed questions. We average more than 1,000 customers a day but, of course that’s seasonal: July and August is the busiest but also half-term in February, when a lot of couples also come to London for Valentines’ Day.

What is the most popular brochure?
The map of London! Then information about St Paul’s, the Tower and the usual sights. Our own guide to seasonal City events is very popular, too.

Does the website take pressure off you?
It complements us. We are in a very good position next to St Paul’s so people who are passing by just drop in.

Is there a part of the City where its history come alive to you?
The whole of the City! Every street has lots of stories to tell. I love Postman’s Park. Not many people know about it unless they have seen the film, Closer. Many people go from here to the Museum of London and pass it without knowing it is there. Dr Johnson’s House is another gem that really brings history to life. And the Monument is a great historical landmark, where the Great Fire of 1666 started. Because it is part of the school curriculum, at half-term the most frequently asked question is ‘Where is Pudding Lane?’.

How many time have you been up The Monument?

Only once: there are 311 steps, although you do get a certificate when you do it. I am looking forward to going up Tower Bridge soon.

Where are your own favourite places in the City?

The Clockmaker’s Museum inside the Guildhall is a little jewel with a long history of clocks going back to John Harrison in the 18th Century and up to the modern watch. It’s  not very busy so you can really appreciate the clocks on display. It’s the oldest and best collection in the world. And the Guildhall Art gallery has lots of precious paintings and works of art. Again, because it’s not in Westminster, people forget it is there but it has wonderful British art, especially from the Victorian period.

Inma Ferrer

City Information Centre

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